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Research Data Management for CRC 1411 Design of Particulate Products


CRC 814 Additive Manufacturing

Research Data Management for CRC 814 Additive Manufacturing


Research Training Group GRK 2423 FRASCAL

The proposed RTG (Research Training Group) aims to improve understanding of fracture in brittle heterogeneous materials by developing simulation methods that are able to capture the multiscale nature of failure. With i) its rooting in different scientific disciplines, ii) its focus on the influence of heterogeneities on fracture at different length and time scales as well as iii) its integration of highly specialised approaches into a “holistic” concept, the RTG addresses a truly challenging cross-disciplinary topic in mechanics of materials.

Within the RTG, young researchers under the supervision of experienced PAs will perform cutting-edge research on challenging scientific aspects of fracture. The RTG will foster synergies in research and advanced education and is intended to become a key element in FAU‘s interdisciplinary research areas “New Materials and Processes” and “Modelling–Simulation–Optimisation”.

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Indo-German Partnership in Higher Education Programme

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and University Grants Commission (UGC) of India are all set to intensify their cooperation. During the recently concluded third Indo-German Intergovernmental Consultations, DAAD Vice President Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee und UGC Chairman Dr. Ved Prakash signed an MoU to this effect. The “Indo-German Partnership in Higher Education Programme“ will witness India and Germany investing 3.5 million Euro each over a period of four years from 2016-2020 to encourage and support cooperation between higher education institutions in each country.

Within this programme the DAAD is funding five research collaborations between FAU group leaders and their partners at IIT Delhi. All projects are addressing topics in the area of “Multiscale Modelling – Simulation and Optimization”. The role of the ZISC is providing administrative support and assistance with the coordination of various events within the project.

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The following project profile is taken from the corresponding DAAD web pages:

Partnership Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Nürnberg (FAU) – Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)

Multiscale Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

The IIT Delhi and FAU will join forces and concentrate their activities on the interdisciplinary research area: Multiscale Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing. The chosen research topic is a cross cutting discipline that is fundamentally crucial for progress in all of the challenging areas mentioned above. Moreover, research in modeling, simulation and optimization does not rely on infrastructural expensive laboratories, but rather on office space and computer equipment that is available at both institutes.

The idea of the current proposal is to build on ongoing bilateral collaborations with partners at IIT Delhi and, in parallel, establish a platform for interdisciplinary research and cross communication. This will be achieved via individual travel of PhDs, Post Docs and the PIs between the two partner locations in addition to workshops/winter schools to be held in Delhi and at FAU. The workshops will be designed to provide short courses given by the involved PIs in order to prepare master students and PhD students for a sandwich dissertation in the framework of tandem advisors. The third and fourth year should particularly concentrate on interdisciplinary research within the groups involved in preparation of a DFG-funded international training group in the area of Multiscale Modeling Simulation and Optimization for Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing. To this end, intensive consultations, videoconferences, travel activities must be accompanied by international workshops that expose the previously established interdisciplinary research to an international audience.

Through the present partnership, IIT Delhi and FAU Erlangen aim to intensify their academic and research co-operations as well as the internationalization of their academic programs. The overall broad theme “Multi-scale Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Energy, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing” is subdivided into five research projects, namely:

  • Multiscale modelling and simulation of high performance heterogeneous materials
  • Multi-scale modelling and simulation for energy generation
  • Deep Conversion in Packed Bed Reactors
  • Numerical Simulation of Advanced Metal Forming Processes
  • Adaptive wavelet methods for optimal control of quasilinear balance laws on networks.

The P&G SimCenter

The P&G SimCenter, established 2014 and located at ZISC, aims to initiate, coordinate, and administer projects between P&G and FAU research groups especially in the area of modelling and simulation. It is based on the Master Collaboration Agreement between the partners, signed 2013.

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