This page gives an overview on the affiliations of our ZISC members, organized by University faculties, departments, institutes, and chairs. If information provided here is missing or incorrect, please contact us via

Faculty of Science Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Department of Physics

Chair of Experimental Physics (Particles und Astroparticle Physics)
Center for Medical Physics and Technology
Chair of Theoretical Solid State Physics
Chair of Theoretical Physics I
Professorship for Theoretical Physics (Electron Transport in Molecules)

Department of Mathematics

Chair of Applied Mathematics I
Chair of Applied Mathematics II
Chair of Applied Mathematics III
Chair of Business Mathematics (EDOM – Economics, Discrete Optimization, Mathematics)

Department of Biology

Chair of Biochemistry
Chair of Biotechnology (Protein Structure and Design)
Professorship for Computational Biology

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Chair of Theoretical Chemistry
Computer Chemistry Center

Faculty of Engineering Technische Fakultät

Department of Computer Science (INF)

Chair of Computer Science 3 – Computer Architecture
Chair of Computer Science 5 – Pattern Recognition
Chair of Computer Science 7 – Computer Networks and Communication Systems
Chair of Computer Science 9 – Computer Graphics
Chair of Computer Science 10 – System Simulation
Professorship for High Performance Computing
Professorship for Numerical Simulation with High Performance Computing

Department Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBI)

Institute of Particle Technology (LFG)
Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering (CRT)
Institute for  Multiscale Simulation (MSS)
Chair of Process Machinery and Plant Engineering (IPAT)
Institute of Fluid Mechanics (LSTM)
Professorship for Numerical Simulation in  Nano and Micro Fluid Mechanics

Department Mechanical Engineering (MB)

Institute of Manufacturing Technology (LFT)
Chair of Applied Mechanics (LTM)
Chair of Applied Dynamics (LTD)
Research Group Numerical Mechanics

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (WW)

WW1 Institute for General Materials Properties
WW1 Research Group Modeling and Simulation of Materials Properties
WW2 Chair of Materials Science and Engineering for Metals (WTM)
WW8 Chair for Materials Simulation

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EEI)

Chair of Sensor Technology

Faculty of Medicine – Medizinische Fakultät

Institute of Biochemistry

Professorship for Bioinformatics

Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Professorship for Computational Medicine

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology – Philosophische Fakultät

Department of Social Sciences

Institute of Sociology (Methods of Empirical Social Research)

Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy

Research Unit Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces