Seminar schedule summer term 2016

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Joint ZISC-EAM A3-HPC users seminar

The dates and speakers for our joint seminar in the summer term 2016 are available now:

09.05.2016 Stefan Sandfeld (Werkstoffsimulation)
30.05.2016 Bjoern Eskofier (Digital Sports Mustererkennung)
13.06.2016 Frauke Liers (Math Diskrete Optimierung)
20.06.2016 Alexander Stukowski (Gast Erik Bitzek (Werkstoffwissenschaften))
27.06.2016 Michael Schmiedeberg (Theoretische Physik)
11.07.2016 Jonas Thies (Gast Gerhard Wellein (RRZE-HPC))
08.2016 Constantin Popa (Gast Ulrich Ruede (Systemsimulation))

The location will be announced by an invitation for each talk including title and abstract. All presentations will start at 3.00 pm.