Coronavirus Structural Task Force is seeking for student assistants

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The Coronavirus life cycle is dependent on the biological macromolecules the virus produces – from the spikes on its surface to replication in the host cell and suppression of its immune system. Knowing the structures of these molecules is therefore crucial to find a cure. We are an international team of researchers and students improving the three-dimensional molecular structures of coronaviruses.

The Coronavirus Structural Task Force is  looking for one or several student assistants for the following tasks:
• Automated Big Data statistical analyses of molecular structures and sequences
• Graphics generation with Python and Pymol from our data base
• SQL data base management
• Editing of scientific videos for YouTube
• Research on Coronavirus literature and molecular structures
• Conveying scientific findings to a lay audience

Students with basic knowledge in chemistry/biochemistry and previous experience in any of the above tasks are encouraged to apply. You will be supported by the rest of the team in your tasks; enthusiasm, good English and communication skills are mandatory. You need to be enrolled as a student in a German University. The salary is approximately 10 €/hour.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. To apply, please send us your grade sheet(s), CV and letter outlining your relevant skills to

For more information, please visit:

A flyer for download (in PDF format) is available here.