ZISC Seminar Talk by Linda Stals, Australian National University

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Linda Stals (Australian National University)

is giving a seminar talk about

Fault-Tolerant Algorithms and Frameworks for Extreme-Scale Computing

Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 2:15 pm

Room: 01.150-128 – Seminarraum (Cauerstrasse 11)



On future extreme-scale computers, faults will become increasingly common as the number of individual components grows without a compensating improvement in reliability. Achieving resilience is expensive since it inevitably requires redundancy and thus more system resources and additional energy. Traditional checkpoint techniques collect and transfer the data regularly from all compute nodes and store the data to backup memory, but this will be too expensive and too slow in extreme-scale computing.

Prof. Stals is visiting the LSS (Prof. U. Rüde) this week and will be available here for discussions.

Contact her at  <Linda.Stals@anu.edu.au>