List of Researchers @FAU in the field of Scientific Computing working on / interested in topics related to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 (to be completed):

Department of Computer Science

Chair of Computer Science 7 (Computer Networks and Communication Systems)

Peter Bazan (R06; P02),

Anatoli Djanatliev (R06; P02),

Reinhard German (R06; P02),

Lisa Maile (R06; P02)

Chair of Computer Science 10 (System Simulation)

Ulrich Rüde (E01)

Department Mathematics

Chair in Applied Analysis (Alexander von Humboldt-Professorship)

Enrique Zuazua  (R01)

Chair of Applied Mathematics (Continuous Optimization)

Lukas Pflug (R02; P01)

Professorship of Applied Mathematics (Integer and Robust Optimization)

Frauke Liers (R05)

Bismark Singh (P04)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Chair of Applied Mechanics

Silvia Budday (R03),

Christian Burkhardt (R03),

Andreas Kergassner (R03),

Paul Steinmann (R03; R07; P03)

Department of Physics

Institut for Theoretical Physics 1

Michael Schmiedeberg (R04)

Department of Transfusion Medicine and Haemostaseology

Chair of Transfusion Medicine and Cell-Engineering

Holger Hackstein (R06P02)

Central Institute for Scientific Computing

Lukas Pflug (R02; P01)